Form Surround Cock Ring - Black OS

Form Surround Cock Ring - Black OS

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FORM cockring is super bent, it’s designed to snug around you any way you want. The “surround” shape flows onto you, wrapping back snugly at the base of your dick or turn it for a wide wavy forward wrap. FORM is made for curious dick-play.

FORM fits the hünkyjunk design ideal: nothing basic, always different thoughtful creative gear with twists. Turn FORM, angle it, rotate…find your fit.

FORM is what we call a comfort-size cockring, this one is blubbery but firm enough for a good grip—a hybrid squishy soft ring and a power style fuckring made of a dull-finish, stretchy-rubber Plus+SILICONE mix: a super-soft silicone blend rubber that’s hard-play tough.

Ball buds: drop your nutsack into this, it’s also a super-cool wavy ballstretcher push-down sack ring…(for low-hanging fruit, they stack and interlock).

UPC#: 0840215121387
Brand: HunkyJunk
Mfgr: Oxballs
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