Pussy Tugger Adjustable Pussy C - Silver

Pussy Tugger Adjustable Pussy C - Silver

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This durable Pussy Tugger is built to last! The vaginal clamp and the chain of the leash are made of iron and zinc alloy. The clamp is fully adjustable. There are 2 small screws on either side of the clamp to adjust both the top and bottom of each side. The small, PVC tipped screws are easy to grab and rotate. The end of the chain has a PU leather handle and the chain can be attached to the top of the clamp so your partner can tug at your labia and stimulate your pussy!

Use a recently cleaned Pussy Tugger on your partner after they have warmed up. To add more sensation and temperature play, run the clamp under warm or cool water first! Make sure they have some circulation already going through their labia and clitoris, then begin to gently tug and pull at their labia so you can grab them without discomfort. Begin to place the clamp on their labia while the clamps are open and wide apart. If starting on the right, gently pinch the upper right labia and pull it between the clamp on the right. Start using your other hand to twist the screw and begin to clamp down. Have your partner hold their labia or the clamp as you do this to make this more easy. Do the same on the top left, then the bottom right and left sides. Adjust as you need to make things even and comfortable. Talk to your partner and check in to see what feels good and what feels like too much pressure. Once everything feels good, attach the chain leash and play with tugging at their labia to tease and arouse them! Lead them around by the pussy for fun, and see what else can be stimulated as well!

After use, simply wash with warm water and soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and wipe dry. Spot clean the PU leather handle as needed.

Measurements: Innermost opening is 3 inches in length, 1.1 inches in diameter. Each side of the clamp opens to 0.6 inches in width. Leash length including handle: 31 inches.

UPC#: 0848518046796
Brand: Master Series
Mfgr: XR Brands
SKU#: XR-AG931
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