Nave Vibrating Nipple Clamps - Black Adjustable

Nave Vibrating Nipple Clamps - Black Adjustable

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NAVE is elevating nipple play to legendary new heights with powerful vibration and one-of-a-kind EasyClamp technology that makes it exceptionally easy to clasp onto your body. Inspired by the sleek and striking appearance of the ancient goddess Nephthys, NAVE features dual motors in both of its cat ear-like tips that will surround each nipple with powerful vibration when itís clamped. NAVEís rumbly vibrations are also silent for discreet, non-distracting play.

Each NAVE nipple clamp is concealed by a layer of luxuriously silky-smooth liquid silicone and showcases ZALOís EasyClamp technology. Gently pinch the bottom sides of NAVE to open the clamp and attach it to nipples and other erogenous parts of the body. NAVE also comes with additional clamp tips to accommodate different nipple sizes. One of the tip size options is suitable for nipples with a diameter of 8-15 mm, and can also be used by people that have given birth. The clampís flat interior comfortably secures around the nipple. The other size option fits nipples with a diameter of 5-10 mm, and features an interior with friction points that intensify the stimulating sensation.

Compatible with the ZALO Remote Pro App, NAVE can be controlled remotely and can also be paired with all other ZALO wireless remote toys.

Charge time (Nave): 2 hours Battery life (Nave): 2 hours charge for 1 hour of use

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SKU#: ZA-F03303
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