Kiiroo Keon Rechargeable Interactive Masturbator - Black 5.3"

Kiiroo Keon Rechargeable Interactive Masturbator - Black 5.3"

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A new standard in interactive adult pleasure has been set with Keon by KIIROO; the smartest interactive masturbator on the market today Keon is an automatic masturbator that is compatible with 20+ different strokers. Our line includes 4 generic strokers with 4 different skin tone colors, and the Feel Stars Stroker Collection - a carefully curated collection of strokers molded from some of the worlds most famous adult performers and content creators.

Keon makes the stroker stroke up and down. It is the closest experience to real intimacy.

Keon has 2 modes: Bluetooth Mode (controlled via the APP) and Manual Mode

Using the buttons on the right you can control the speed of the strokes, and the length of the strokes are controlled by the buttons on the left.

On the shortest fastest setting Keon can reach up to 230 strokes per minute

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